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Our Turkey order book is now OPEN! Please visit our Farm Shop or give our team a call on 01524 791200 (option 2) to order your Turkey today. Turkeys are available in either White or Bronze, from 10lb upwards, and will be available to collect from the 23rd December. A £5 deposit is required on ordering.

A bit about where the Turkeys come from…

The Tomlinsons farm at Salwick Farm, Salwick, Preston which is only 10miles from Old Holly Farm. The family have been Turkey farming for over 20 years, and also farm dairy cows, beef, sheep and cereals.

The turkeys are reared naturally to 22 weeks, compared to a supermarkets 14weeks. We went to visit the Farm and Turkeys and we were very impressed with the standard of care and condition of the turkeys (they even have a “turkey hospital” where poorly turkeys are cared for until they are better!).

The key differences between white and bronze turkeys are……

  • White turkeys have white feathers, white meat, and a more delicate taste. White turkeys have a broader breast than the bronze.
  • Bronze turkeys have a bronze-like sheen to their plumage, the meat is a shade darker than white, has a denser texture in the fibres of the meat, and it has a subtle “gamey” taste.

Follow this link for the British I love Turkey website, full of information all things Turkey >>>

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