We are truly ‘Something Special’

On Tuesday 28th August 2012, we were used as a location for an episode of CBeebies “Something Special” starring Justin, Mr Tumble and his friends, Dean and Clayton.

Justin with Mr Tumbles’ Spotty Bag in the Old Holly dairy with the milk tank

The episode is based on the children learning about cows, milk and ice cream. Justin and the children got to meet some of the farm’s cows, then experience a milking in the farm’s parlour with Farmer Ian Pye, taking the milk from the milk tank and then turning the milk into choc-chip ice cream with Angela Stewart, who makes Coolcow ice cream on the farm. The filming lasted all day from 7.30am, and was a real treat for anyone visiting the farm who got to see Justin, his friends and the film crew at work.

Speaking on behalf of the farm, General Manager Alison Pye said “We were absolutely delighted to have been asked to provide the location for this exciting episode of ‘Something Special’. It’s great to be involved with a programme that educates children in a fun way showing the link between cows, milk and ice cream. There was a real buzz at the farm and we were all thrilled to be involved”.

Something Special is a simple, fun and informative programme focusing on aspects of the children’s world about them. Each programme sees Justin and Mr Tumble out and about applying signing in a variety of places that have relevance to the young audience.‘Something Special’, which is filming at a number of different locations for the new series, is shown on CBeebies in the morning, and repeated throughout the day.

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