Hello from our Animals

We are still very much a working dairy farm, but we also have lots of other animals for you to come and meet. The animals live in the inner courtyard, and in the summer months in the outdoor animal paddocks. Our animals love meeting everyone who comes to visit but remind you to make sure that you look after yourself and your group whilst you visit our farm.

There’s lots of useful information on our SAFETY page, or just speak to one of the team on your visit. It’s important to remember we are a working farm and using hand gels is not enough, please use our handwash stations and wash hands thoroughly as this is the most effective way of keeping safe.

Please be aware that we do not hire out any of our animals.

Meet the animals

We are the farm goats. Fred is a Pygmy goat and has lived on the farm since May 2012, and Ramsay is a Billy Goat and has lived with us since January 2018. We live together in the courtyard but you may spot us outside in the summer. Goats are known for being intelligent and love human company, although we are a herd animal so that’s why we need to be together. We are also hardy, which means we are rarely ill so we don’t need to see the vet  very often. You will also see we like to climb which is why we have some logs to play on.

We are Alpacas and come from a farm in Cockerham (about 3 miles away) where there are lots of us. In the summer a few of us come for a holiday in the outdoor paddocks, and it’s great fun. The cows track passes the paddocks and they love having a good nosey on their way in and out.

We look like small Llamas, but we are domesticated and are farmed for our wool. We are also herd animals so are happiest in gangs. If you are interested in owning your very own Alpacas please call 07793081388.

I’m Lola, and I’ve lived at Old Holly Farm since June 2019. I am a Vietnamese pot-bellied pig and although we are known for not having great eye-sight, we have a fantastic sense of hearing and smell so are difficult to creep up on. You can find me either in the front paddock with my good friend Pennie, or in my pig-sty in the courtyard.

I’m Pennie and I’m one of the farms’ resident pigs. I used to live in Blackpool but came to live at Old Holly in 2016, and love it here. You will probably see me in the front paddock with Lola as we love being outside, but if its too cold and wet I’ll be in my sty in the courtyard. You can tell when I’m at my happiest as I wag my tail lots.

We are the farm sheep, we have an important job keeping the grass short through winter so it’s ready for growth in the spring. Our wool is water proof so we can stay out in the wet weather as our skin stays nice and dry, but every year our wool gets sheared ready for the hotter summer months so we can keep cool.

We’re calves – part of the working dairy herd here on the farm, and you can watch milking every day from 4.30pm in the dairy viewing gallery (or 5am if you’re really keen). We live in our very own calf shed, specially designed just for us. You might also spot some of us wearing little jackets in the colder months – the farmer puts these on us to help us keep warm but also so we can use our energy to stay healthy and grow strong, ready for lots of playing with our friends.

In around 2 years’ time we’ll be big enough to join the main herd so you might spot us when you watch the milking.

We are the farms VERY free range chickens, and love our little coop in the paddock. The farmer moves our coop around the paddocks so we get to have fresh paddock to explore. See if you can spot the little box on the side of our coop, this special little box is solar powered and opens and closes our door when the sun rises and sets, meaning the farmer doesn’t have to worry about us getting to bed on time. You can buy our eggs from the farm shop and we’re told they taste delicious.

Petting Area

We are the farm chicks and love to have a cuddle, but please be gentle with us. We have a special lamp that keeps us warm and love exploring our pen.

Please note: due to hatching dates there may not always be chicks on site.

We are the farm rabbits and we live in the petting area. Our coats are super soft and we like being stroked, we also like to make nests so see if you can spot our beds when you come to see us. Don’t forget to wash your hands once you’ve had a cuddle or touched any of the other of our animal friends.

Special visitors

Father Christmas is a pretty busy man in December, so we’re very happy to help him out by looking after a couple of his Reindeer. He drops the Reindeer off on the 1st December so they can get their strength up for Christmas Eve. Please visit our Events page for more details about Christmas.

Please be aware that we do not hire out our Reindeer for any special occasions or events.